What the cluck?

What the cluck?

I’m sure a lot of you love to hear about authors and their dogs or cats but have you heard of one with chickens?

Yup! You guessed it, I’m the one with chickens. Yes, I have a dog and cat too but everyone wants to hear about the chickens. The one question we always get is- why?

It’s a real tear jerker so grab a box of tissues. Back in June, Silver Fox and I were working on the farm and came back from the fields to find our kid walking around the front of the house with his grandpa. They both were looking between the tall grass and shrubs searching for something. At first we thought maybe he lost his toy but as we got closer we saw they had a box and tiny chirps emitted from it. He saw us and screamed that he found baby chicks. Sure enough, in the box were five baby chicks, cold, scared, and hungry.

“Their mom got eaten!” He cried as he points to a pile of chicken feathers on the walkway. Upon further inspection, we found the egg shells they hatched from under a shrub. Yup, they just hatched the day before and something attacked their mom and dragged her away.

Our kid, of course, had tears for the little chirpers. “They are orphans!” He cried. “We have to keep them!”

So off we went to the pet shop for chicken food and we called a friend who owned chickens for advise. Fortunately, our town allows our feathered friends so we were able to keep them.

As to how they got to our house, we think it was one of our neighbor’s hens who just fell in love with our yard and decided to make it her nesting area.

So now the chicks are five months old and have their own coop and yard to run around in. They get food, water, and lots of love from our kid. What more could a chicken ask for?

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