New Ghost Story!


New Ghost Story!

On October 25, my new standalone novel ‘Ghost Mate’ will be released. If you love ghost stories with a romantic twist this is the story for you!

Ghost Mate

Jessi needed to start a new life. Heartbroken, she moves into a new town to start a new life. What she didn’t expect was a new sexy roommate that doesn’t want to leave. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t get rid of him or the naughty thoughts about him. So much for her no men rule.

 Enraged was a mild word for what Jon felt when he discovered he was murdered. He wasn’t going to go in the damn light until he knew who killed him. He’d be able to focus on his revenge more if it weren’t for the sultry woman who bought his house and now was living with him. Worst yet- she was creating erotic feelings that he never felt before.

Will Jon’s soul chose to stay with Jessi or will vengeance tear him away from his soul mate?

Ghost Mate is available on Oct 25!


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