Never give up

Never give up

I’m known to be a very stubborn person by many. I associate it to genes since many women in my family are the same way. (Don’t get us all in the kitchen to make a holiday dinner!)

When there’s a problem that needs to be solved I will stay on it until I get it resolved. It’s almost like an obsession. When I come across something I can’t fix it bothers me to no end.

Then came Monday. On top of it, it was one of those days when nothing went right. After extinguishing all the small fires i can across a problem that I couldn’t fix. No matter what I did I couldn’t solve it. I tried everything I could- researched online, phoned a friend, but nothing helped resolve it. I was at the point of just saying “To hell with it!”

Frustrated, I walked out to my garden for a breather. As I sat in my lounge chair my eye went to our sunflowers. We planted four of them this past spring and they were growing except for one. I walked over to it and realized something broke its stem early in its growth. The break should have been its doom but instead this sunflower just sealed it up and kept on growing! Its bloom is not as big as the others but its just as beautiful.

This gave me so much inspiration. If the sunflower can overcome that I can overcome my obstacle!