If the hat fits…

If the hat fits…

To finish off my costume I needed a witch’s hat. Otherwise, I would have been the evil cleaning lady! I didn’t want the standard plain black hat because that was just boring.


I needed to add to it. With the leftover tulle ribbon I had from my broom I wrapped it around the base but it still felt like it was missing something.


I found a cute little spider ornament that matched the pattern on my sleeves and cape.


Since I was putting this on fabric I decided to sew all of this on so it wouldn’t fly off when I went off haunting.


I had another set of purple led lights so I figured I would add them in some way to the hat. Originally I was thinking to twist them around the outside of the hat but then I got a different idea.


The costume was now complete!

Halloween could now arrive!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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