Halloween magic!

Halloween magic!

To many Halloween is a time for vampires, witches, skimpy costumes and loads of candy. To me, there has always been magic to Halloween.

Halloween is a time when the day gets shorter and the nights are a bit colder. Leaves start to fall and my coffee gets a little pumpkin spice. Kids and adults run to the fabric store to make the perfect costume. It’s a time when all the old urban legends are retold and new ones concocted. Old graveyards and haunts are visited in the hope of finding the undead.

Silver Fox and I had an experience once on Halloween weekend at a known haunted bar in town. We had just ordered our drinks and the waitress left when Silver Fox turned around and looked back at me surprised. He asked, “Was there anyone behind me?” I could clearly see behind him and shook my head. His eyes widened, “Because I felt someone with a sharp nail tapping me on the shoulder.” Since he is a skeptic I knew he wasn’t making it up so I just smiled and said, “Someone else wants you to dance with them.” He shook it off but a few minutes later he told me it happens again. I laughed and he started to get pissed. So I calmly looked around the room and said, “He’s a little freaked out by you so can you go over to Captain Jack?” I said motioning to the guy in the Jack Sparrow costume. “I heard that he’s the one ladies want in bed.” After that Silver Fox was not bothered again. Not sure if Captain Jack was followed by our friend but I’m sure that with the rum in him he wouldn’t have noticed.

The experienced made it a night to remember. To some it was creepy but to me it was magic!

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