Growth of Love Release Day!

Growth of Love Release Day!

It’s the release day for Growth of Love!

He was one of her best friends. He could be her happily ever after.

After months of plotting, writing, editing, and marketing I am giving ‘birth’ to my second book! It is both exciting and scary! It’s exciting to see something that I’ve worked so hard on get published. It’s scary because I want everyone to like it but I know that’s not always possible.

Growth of Love is a story about Jeri and Keith, two friends who never crossed the line to become lovers because the stars never aligned for them. Now things have changed. The opportunity is there but there are things and people that stand in their way. Oh, and have I mentioned they are both gifted with special powers?

Here’s a sensual snippet for you!

“Merry Christmas, Keith.” Her smile was sweet, but had a bit of mischief in it.

“Oh, Baby.” He couldn’t hear himself as his heart beat loudly in his ears.

“I made this blueberry muffin for you.” She casually walked towards him, her heels softly clicking against the wood floor.

“I’d prefer to eat you first,” he growled. He was happy he was sitting down because the sexy image of her turned his knees into jelly.

She kneeled on the sofa and moved both her knees on either side of him, straddling him. “You need food to keep up with me.” Her fingers peeled the wrapper off the muffin.

Keith’s eyebrows rose, his eyes focused on her wonderful breasts which were pushed up by the lacy contraption and looked like they would spill out at any moment. His hands took hold of her waist and he gently pressed her down against his growing arousal. “Keep up with you? What have you got planned?”

Her fingers broke a piece of the muffin off and he opened his mouth to accept the morsel she offered him.

“Oh, I have a few things in mind.”

His mouth turned into a smile as he chewed the soft muffin. It was sweet, soft and scrumptious like Jeri. He’d never look at a blueberry muffin again without getting an arousal.

Growth of Love is available today for 99 cents at:



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